Wax-based modeling clay Kite Dogs K22-086, 12 colors, 200 g

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    Modeling clay and modeling tools
  • Number colors
  • Brand:
    KITE Dogs

Modelling clay Kite Dogs K22-086,12 colors – colorful set for children’s crafts, with the help of which a child will create fascinating figurines, bas-reliefs and handcrafted items.

Modelling clay has uniform texture pleasant to the touch and neutral odor. It warms up quickly and easily kneads in children’s hands. Set of modelling clay is indispensable for school, kindergarten, crafts classes and home arts and crafts.

Modeling with clay develops manual dexterity and spatial intelligence. Helps to learn colors, proportions and geometric figures in an interesting format. It also distracts children from gadgets, teaches to concentrate on creativity and develops talents.

Collect the entire set of stationery in Kite Dogs design line. Children will get to know different dog breeds and engage in a good deed of helping four-legged friends. Buying this product you support the program to help stray animals jointly with a charitable fund. Detailed information about the project is on each packaging of Kite Dogs line products.


  • rich palette – 12 bars of different colors to create bright handcrafted items;
  • deep colors – contains high quality pigments, colors mix well together;
  • clay is soft and plastic – easy to knead with children’s hands;
  • uniform texture – does not crumble or harden in open air, elements are attached easily and firmly;
  • pleasant to work with – rolls easily and does not stick to palms;
  • neutral odor and safe composition – absolutely harmless when used as intended;
  • does not leave a greasy trace on hands or stains on surfaces, washes off with warm soapy water;
  • handy packaging with clear pullout base – entire palette is spread before the eyes.

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