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Kite backpacks

Long ago a man realized that things feel easier and more comfortable to carry if they are behind his back, not in the hands. That’s why the history of the first backpack starts at the dawn of the human’s own history. Today a backpack is not only an attribute of a traveler. A man today needs free hands no less than his ancient predecessor. Not for a lance, but for a gadget. But that’s another story. Our story is about why Kite backpacks are not only for school children, but for people of any age and lifestyle.

Wearing a backpack is trendy. For several seasons now backpacks are iconic attributes in the top fashion brands collections, they are on the pages of the Vogue and the Esquire. A stylish Kite backpack fits business look, casual style and even an exquisite party image. 

Wearing a backpack feels comfortable. Modern active youth and adults choose backpacks ever more often. All things and gadgets you need can be placed inside evenly loading your shoulders and freeing your hands. Wearing a backpack makes it easy to move amidst city hustle as well as during a field trip. Kite backpacks’ comfortable back, wide straps of the right shape and their low weight grant lightness, while smart compartments allow packing everything inside so well. Special attention is paid to school backpacks’ structure as it directly impacts kid’s spine and health.

Wearing Kite backpack is reliable. The team designing Kite products never compromises between aesthetics and durability. A backpack must be both great-looking and durable. While making schoolbags the Kite team has full understanding of how kids use their backpacks, daily packing school books and so much more inside. Kite backpacks beat others in endurance!

Kite backpack is a trendy, comfortable and smart-sized accessory. Here you can find a Kite of your own.

  • City - Backpacks for city life

Lightweight, ultra-trendy, up-to-date backpacks are for those who are active and have many talents. In public transport, while walking or biking you will feel comfortable with this backpack!

  • Education - Backpacks for school

We all know how many books and notebooks children have to carry to school with them. So, parents aim at choosing not only a roomy and nice, but also a safe backpack. Kite backpacks have anatomic Ergo Kids, Ergo Teens or Air Comfort systems with adjustable S-shape straps. It helps evenly distribute the load on child’s back, spine and shoulders. One more important feature of a school backpack is its interior smart space. These backpack are decorated with favorite characters and images. 

  • Kids - Preschool backpack for little ones

Colorful Kite backpack from Kids collection will inevitably become one of the most favorite kid’s toys. Heading to the kindergarten, toddlers can trust the Kite backpack with their most valuable stuff. With this “grown-up” accessory a child feels more independent.

Kite - first-class backpacks!