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School pencil cases

Pencil case Kite stands for quality, practicality and trendy design. With a colourful range of models it's easy to find the ideal choice for every child, from nursery school to college student:

  • The book pencil case is the perfect choice for primary school. All the necessary stationery is nicely arranged inside and secured by an elastic band. Even the youngest pupils find it easy to find and keep things tidy.
  • Pencil cases - take up minimal space and are perfect for middle and high school. Stylish design, can be placed in a small bag or backpack.
  • Kids pencil cases have a handy, functional, minimalist look. One spacious zipped compartment and, as always, a design that will charm even the most discerning aesthetes.

The licensed series is decorated with high-quality original prints with stories, characters and symbols from your favourite cartoons, films, football clubs and more. The school pencil case Kite can be soft or hard, colourful or strict, but all models have one thing in common - high quality.

Makeup purses

Beauty bags for women are the main treasuries and key accessories in women's beauty-arsenal. Kite has models for every occasion.

  • The large cosmetic bag is roomy and spacious.
  • A travel bag, to take with you wherever you go.
  • Transparent cosmetic bag - stylish and on-trend.
  • Sets of bags - set of different models in one style.

Kids wallets

Bright and creative children's treasures keepers. They hold all sorts of little bits and bobs: pocket money, cards, bus passes, keys and more. No more jingling in pockets - with a beautiful and practical accessory, your child will be able to buy buns and other goodies in the canteen. A purse for a girl or a boy: Kite has models for everyone. Textile or silicone, classic or shaped: the Kite children's purse offers consistently high German quality and on-trend design.