Kite accessoriesare indispensable items that make everyday life more comfortable. In this section you will find useful items that every child should have:

  • eco-friendly sets of children's bamboo tableware;
  • an impressive range of umbrellas for children;
  • colourful lanyard badges;
  • accessories for organising their workspace (colourful writing pads and cases for storing small items);
  • stylish aprons and sleeves for lessons and drawing.

Kite's bamboo tableware for children is eco-friendly and practical. A set of children's bamboo tableware is an indispensable companion on picnics, trips and at home. The striking design with bright prints is a favourite with the little ones. Bamboo is a natural safe material that is not harmful to health and the environment. Ecological tableware made of bamboo is gaining popularity all over the world.

Kite badges are original, beautiful and easy to use. The vertical lanyard badge is versatile: it can hold a pass, a season ticket, a student's pass and other documents. Attaches with a lanyard and carabiner. Distinctive qualities: colourful design and high quality.

A Kite children's umbrella is a must-have for every child. How nice to find shelter from the rain under a bright canopy decorated with scenes from their favorite cartoons. Kite umbrellas are lightweight and durable. And most importantly - they are so nice to take with you to kindergarten, school or out for a walk. Ergonomic handle, durable waterproof material.

The suitcase set is a fantastic interior set for storing all sorts of little things. A stylish gift for festive and casual occasions. Three roomy suitcases are made of ecological lightweight material, cardboard. With them, your child's room will always be tidy.

The writing pad combines two functions in one. Thanks to the colourful design, it decorates the interior and brilliantly protects the table surface from dirt during creative and writing activities. The lining is lightweight and easy to roll up into a tube for storage and transport. Indispensable for painting, modelling and writing.

The Kite apron for lessons will change your child's idea of an accessory. In the past it was difficult to persuade schoolchildren to wear an apron, but today's Kite aprons are worn with pleasure. Stylish prints, up-to-date design, easy-care material: the apron with sleeves protects from dirt during creative activities.

Kite accessories offer stylish design and impeccable quality.