Lunch boxes bottles thermoses

Lunchboxes bottles thermoses Kite

Lunchboxes, thermoses and water bottles are an essential part of comfort. A modern tablecloth that lets you grab a bite to eat, quench your thirst or enjoy a leisurely sip of hot tea whenever and wherever you like.

The Kite lunchbox is a high-quality and stylish food container, which is so convenient to take with you. At school, at university, at work, on the road or on a picnic: the lunchbox is versatile and can be used everywhere. Thanks to its compact size and optimal shape, it can easily fit in a backpack, purse or even a handbag. The stylish design makes the snack container an eye-catching accessory. It's always a pleasure to eat from beautiful tableware: travel tableware can also be bright, sophisticated and modern. Kite lunchboxes are made from durable and safe food-grade plastic, which does not emit any toxic substances. The plastic containers are easy to care for: just rinse and dry thoroughly.

Every family member should have a Kite water bottle. Active or lazy? No matter what your schedule may be, you need to drink clean water regularly throughout the day.

  • A child's water bottle deserves special attention. The baby-friendly models are compact, lightweight and colourful. Babies will love the fun design with fun characters.
  • A water bottle for school children is a handy accessory to have in their backpack before each school day. Drinking fountains are not available to students during class. And a sip of fresh water from a pretty bottle will help quench your thirst without waiting for the bell to ring at recess.
  • The sports water bottle is not only suitable for professional athletes: its ergonomic shape and excellent capacity make it indispensable for everyone.

Beautiful water bottles have become a necessity, without which it is difficult to imagine everyday life. The Kite water bottles are stylish, practical and safe. They are made of harmless and durable material - Tritan, which absorbed all the best of plastic and glass. Like plastic it is light, strong and practical; like glass it is transparent and safe as it does not release harmful substances or affect the taste of your drink.

Thermos Kite - will keep warm tea or coffee during a walk, a trip to school or travel. Thermos for children and adults, large and small: we have a model for every member of the family.

The Kite thermos flask is a popular variation of the classic thermos flask, and handy for drinking tea on the go. Are you an avid coffee drinker or a tea-drinker? Or maybe you prefer cocoa with milk? Kite thermic mugs are suitable for all, whatever your taste preferences.

For yourself or for the children: Kite has models for everyone!