FAQ (Frequently Asked Question(s)


1. What is the country of origin of backpacks and stationery?

They are produced in Middle East Asia to the order of Axent Gruppe (Germany).

2. What are Kite bags and backpacks made of?

Mostly all bags and backpacks are made of contemporary materials: only quality polyester, polyamides, nylon, jacquard, cotton, some models use faux leather.

3. What is the right way to adjust a backpack?

Load a backpack with 5-7 kg of books. It will allow the backpack to fit tightly against your back and you will get the idea of how it will feel fully loaded. Put the backpack on you back and adjust the straps. You will need to know that men and women carry weights differently. Women’s body center of gravity is located closer to the belly area, while men’s - to the chest. So, if you are a lady, loosen the straps so that the most weight stays in the middle of your back. If you are a man, pull the straps so that the top of the backpack sits 5-8 cm from the shoulder level. Just don’t forget, we are all different, so there could be exceptions to this rule.

4. What are the backpack care rules?

The surface fabric can be cleaned with a moist tissue. Let it dry unexposed to the sun. For deep stains use a brush dipped in water and soap. Bleaching or soaking in water are NOT recommended. The method of caring depends on the material, which needs cleaning. For more detailed information on the textile products’ care (backpacks, bags, wallets, cell phone cases) go to the “Info” section.

5. Are the products available for purchase from this website?

mykite.com.de is the Kite brand catalogue website. So you cannot purchase directly from here. You can write to [email protected] for additional info or go to Contact page on site.