About us

About us

International brand Kite, as the real kite, is a symbol of lightness, moments of sincere joy, a feeling of soaring and freedom without limits… When you have a backpack behind your back, you have everything you need and your hands are free – anything is possible: boundaries are erased, bonds fall apart and wings spread behind your back.

What really inspires us in making Kite products is freedom of living our lives to the fullest, caring about ourselves and those around us, flavouring this world with beauty, joy and comfort. This is what we sincerely share with our customers in every product we make.

History of KITE

In over 10 years we have come a long way from a local manufacturer of backpacks to the international brand that makes textile products, stationery items and accessories for studying and recreation.

2007 2007 – The first Kite collection and the beginning of a great journey. Every year we present a new collection, born from hundreds of hours of team work of experts in orthopaedics, design, manufacturing and quality control.

2017 2017 — Kite decides on rebranding and changes its logo. Now it is in line with the mainstream trend of the decade – minimalism. Simple, stylish, perfect.

We continuously improve our product, find fascinating designs and implement innovations. It is imperative that Kite backpacks, school backpacks, bags, pencil cases and stationery meet our customers’ needs and desires, help make life easier and make the hearts of trend setters beat faster.

New College Line license series comes out. Laconic designs inspired by elite school uniforms of UK and American colleges have become a trend among younger schoolchildren and young adults.

2018 — singer Michelle Andrade presents the new 2018 collection. A massive #KiteBeOriginal promo campaign is held together with her.

2019 — A great leap is made in the brand development. Capsule collections come out in collaboration with the popular TV show #School and modern pop-idols duo Vremya i Steklo (Time and Glass). Collaboration with top-rated TV and YouTube projects: School TV show and School Backstage reality project, as well as the reality show of music band DSIDE BAND.

New designer lines of textile and stationery come out:

  • BeSound and Botanique — teenage and youth lines;
  • Lovely Sophie и Jolliers — lines for children.

Kite backpacks undergo technical tests in line with the European standards DIN 33419 / EN ISO 15537 at the German Institute für Gesundheit und Ergonomie and receive an honorary distinction “Ergonomic product”. Kite backpacks are adapted for physical and age peculiarities of younger schoolchildren, care for their comfort and proper healthy posture.

Getting a first grader ready for school? Not an easy task, to say the least! You need so much more than just a backpack when your child is about to start this exciting journey, meet the first teacher, make new friends. Kite stationery races to the rescue. Colourful and high quality, it will help overcome the daily school stress. Help comes from children's favourite characters!

Kite brand has the largest license variety in Ukraine, making it easy to select a full capsule set – backpack and stationery to match – offering the following collections: My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Popcorn the Bear, Shimmer&Shine, Hot Wheels, Transformers, Paw Patrol. Schoolchildren will happily collect accessories with their favourite characters to look original and stylish among peers.

With Kite accessories and utensils parents can rest easy – their children will have healthy snacks packed in a lunchbox, and water bottles and thermoses will keep them hydrated during the day.

Kite is always moving forward offering versatile ideas for school life and beyond.

When creating each collection, we hold strong beliefs
Care for your comfort and health

Children have to carry a heavy backpack filled with school supplies on a daily basis, therefore its structure directly impacts the child’s health. It is essential to minimize pressure to the immature spine. Kite has developed and implemented patented orthopaedic back structures that maintain proper posture and prevent scoliosis.

We believe that adults and teenagers also need to care for the health of their backs, so due regard is paid to high requirements to ergonomics in models for adults as well. All Kite backpacks and bags weigh between 0.4 kg and 1 kg. They can hold more useful items with minimum pressure to the back.

Use high quality durable materials

Great attention is paid to selection of fabrics. They pass complex wear and tear tests and retain their look for a long time. Scrupulous selection of accessories prevents consumers from having troubles with zippers and fasteners. Kite backpacks look neat and function properly even after being actively used for a long time.

Be on trend

Our customers are very diverse, but everyone will find one’s own Kite backpack. Stylish design, colour combinations, fabrics and materials, eye-catching details – are all parts of the same message. If you are looking for a unique product – discover Kite.

Partners - licensors
Wonder Kite College Line Kite Dogs BBH Rachael Hale tokidoki

The Kite brand presents a textile collection in groups:


Kids is a line of colourful preschool backpacks and for the youngest kids. Trying an “adult” accessory a child feels independent and more like his parents. Whether headed to the kindergarten or an early childhood development centre, your child will eagerly trust the Kite backpack with the most valuable stuff. Kite preschool backpack in its colourful design will become another favourite toy a child will be happy to play with.

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Modern framed, semi-framed and soft Education backpacks give consideration to all peculiarities of being used by schoolchildren. These models are fitted with ergonomic systems Ergo Kids, Ergo Teens or Air Comfort with adjustable properly S-shaped straps. Such structure evenly distributes load across the child’s back and shoulders.

Accommodative compartments, inside dividers and organizers allow arranging all necessary school items in the best way possible. High quality materials and accessories preserve their look and functionality for a long time.

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Education teens

Teenage backpacks Education teens combine functionality of a backpack for studying and features of a stylish accessory. These models are characterized by soft forms, orthopaedic backs, smart interior space with organizers, colourful designs for teenage boys and girls age 13 to 17. Versatility of forms, prints and decorations in this line of accessories make it possible for every teenager to choose a stylish backpack to match one’s spirits.

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Education teens