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On the Kite official website you will find current brand products and new 2021 collection in the following categories: backpacks, bags, pencil cases, purses, umbrellas, stationery, hobby and crafts products. All Kite products are made with great care about consumers: handy up-to-date forms, trendy designs, only quality durable materials, comfort in use.

The Kite textile collection absorbed maximum advantages for people of different ages: from school kids to grown-ups. Lightweight city backpacks for active life, trendy backpacks for sharp dressed ladies, business backpacks with extended functionality for students and businessmen, bright and safe orthopedic backpacks with licensed images for school kids – everybody will find the Kite of his own.

The Kite brand also makes other textile products, such as: footwear drawstring bags, stylish women’s bags, youth waist bags, purses, school pencil cases and makeup bags, women’s and kids’ umbrellas.

Kite textile products are made with durable fabrics, which undergo wear and tear resistance tests every year; they don’t fade with time and have reliable accessories. Combination of different fabrics, adding of tabs, various trimmings, sliders, zippers and details make all fascinating designs real. The Kite designers team study all modern trends to create balanced up-to-date own designs, choose the top themes, cartoons and movies to appear on the textile products and stationery. The Kite brand collaborates with the world license companies, so its products have images of favorite characters Popcorn the Bear, modest minimalism by College Line.

The Kite stationery is about back to school stationery and more. Colorful and rationally designed notebooks, pens, arts and crafts folders, diaries, sketchbooks, color paper and cardboard, and even lunchboxes – everything a first-grader needs could be found among Kite products. Kids like vivid designs with images of their favorite cartoon characters that make them feel comfortable at school and are a source of inspiration.

You can also find Kite hobby and crafts products on the website. They are bright and made specially for children and recognizing their needs. Modeling clay, color play dough, water and finger colors, gouaches, color chalks and other items help boys and girls create, play and grow. Bright kids’ aprons and over-sleeves used for modeling, drawing, gluing let the little ones focus on these creative activities without any fear of spoiling the clothes.