Writing tools

Kite writing tools

Kite writing utensils put words, numbers, drawings, sketches and pictures onto paper with ease and vividness. Quality, ergonomic design and creative graphics are just some of the benefits of Kite writing instruments. Every detail has been carefully thought out and tested so that you can enjoy impeccable quality and have a sublime experience of writing.

Kite coloured pencilse

Kite pencils are colourful, robust and safe. Kite coloured pencils have many advantages and benefits, including:

  • They are bright and evenly coloured as they contain quality pigment which is saturated.
  • The natural linden hull is easy to sharpen without jagging or chipping.
  • Leads are centred and glued securely with dispersion glue along their whole length: they will not fall out or splinter when dropped or sharpened.
  • Coated with a harmless, water-based varnish that prevents the wood from drying out.
  • The slate (3 mm) and casing (7 mm) have an optimum diameter.
  • Each set of colored pencils is presented in a bright and practical slider pack: a child sees the whole palette and pencils are not scattered on the table.
  • Kite watercolour pencils are distinguished by magnificent fullness, colours blend well together, creating new shades, and a unique watercolour painting effect when diluted with water.

Kite graphite pencils

The graphite pencil is a living legend. You can talk for hours about its versatility and indispensability. Kite lead pencils are able to put on paper the most unthinkable masterpieces. The feature for which graphite pencils are so powerfully ingrained in everyday life and creativity is that their mark can easily be removed with a stationery eraser. Kite graphite pencils are high quality medium-hardness (HB) lead with a diameter of 2.2 mm; framed in natural wood that can be easily sharpened without chipping or jagging.

Kite pens

  • Ballpoint pens: A classic with a dense ink that won't smudge, dries instantly on paper and is economical to use. They write smoothly and evenly leaving a rich, clear imprint.
  • Oil pens combine the best of ballpoint and gel pens: they are easy to write with, do not stain on the back of the page. They are just as colourful as the gel pens and are just as economical as ballpoint pens.
  • Semi-gel pens are the strongest, write on almost any surface and do not fade. Great colour range. Allow ink to dry on sheet.

Kite pensare the epitome of legendary German quality. Available in 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.8mm. The ink transfers evenly, easily and smoothly onto the paper, leaving a clear, even line. The durable casing is made from durable virgin plastic. Some models have a rubber grip to soften pressure on your fingertips. Available in a range of fancy designs to suit all tastes.

An emotional series offers an enchanting collection of exciting designs with figurines of animals. Original models not only write brightly, but also raise your spirits. You can even build your own little collection, such as tropical animals!

Do you like everything in your notebook to be perfect? The Kite gel pen gives you the opportunity to erase the writing within 12 hours of creating it. No more blots or crossing out! There are a range of classic models as well as fun little animals.

The felt-tip pens

Kite felt-tip pen sets are a colourful rainbow of saturated colours in a brightly coloured pack. Their advantages:

  • bright colours;
  • easy to write without squeaking;
  • the fibrous writing node is firmly fixed, it won't fall down when a child taps it on the paper, painting the rainbow;
  • water-based ink, which is easy to wash off and remove from surfaces;
  • ventilated caps;
  • secure end cap;
  • sturdy polypropylene cover: does not warp, leaves no sharp splinters when broken.

Kite writing instruments offer excellent quality and style.