Set of fiber-tipped pens Kite Classic K-456, 24 colors
Set of fiber-tipped pens Kite Classic K-456, 24 colors 1

Set of fiber-tipped pens Kite Classic K-456, 24 colors

  • Product group
    Felt pens
  • Writing node, mm
    1 - 2
  • Number colors
  • Brand:
    Kite Classic

Kite K-456 Classic set of water-based felt-tip pens will keep your child interested in drawing at home, on a trip or while visiting. Saturated colors will incredibly accurately convey the child's mood and her artistic masterpiece will play with new colors.

The picture turns out juicy and bright, like a frame from a cartoon. And the drawing process itself will be pleasant and fun: the round writing node is securely fixed and does not fall inside: the child will be able to depict rain or festive confetti with inspiration. The line is smooth and rich, 1-2 mm wide.

Water-based ink is safe for health, easily washes off clothes and washes off surfaces.

The body is made of high-quality primary plastic, resistant to falls. When broken, felt-tip pens do not form sharp chips.

Kite Classic is the flagship stationery series for boys and girls! High-quality products for learning and creativity are presented in matte packaging. The design has unfinished elements that stimulate imagination and creativity. Harmonious decoration in neutral white and blue is a classic that is always relevant.

A QR code is placed on the products of the series, where you can find many interesting ideas and creative master classes from Kite.


  • bright palette - a set of 24 juicy colors;
  • safe water-based ink is easily washed off surfaces;
  • reliable case made of durable polypropylene resistant to falls;
  • Classic series - inspires creativity;
  • attractive multi-colored packaging with a convenient Euro hanger.

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