Color pencils Kite Classic K-052, 18 pcs.

  • Material
  • Product group
    Color pencils
  • Writing node, mm
  • Number colors
  • Thickness of the line of writing (lead diameter), mm
  • Brand:
    Kite Classic

Kite K-052 Classic colored pencils will transfer the brightest artistic ideas of the child to the album sheet. A variegated palette of 18 juicy colors will help realize the most creative ideas.

Thanks to high-quality pigments, the pencil leaves a saturated and even mark. The stylus draws smoothly, does not crumble and does not scratch the paper.

The body made of natural wood is easily and smoothly sharpened. Covering with a safe water-based varnish protects the pencils from drying out. The slate is uniformly glued with dispersed glue along its entire length, thanks to which it does not split when sharpened or accidentally dropped.

The classic hexagonal shape of the case is convenient for drawing and sharpening, the pencils do not roll off the table or desk.

Kite Classic is the flagship stationery series for boys and girls! High-quality products for learning and creativity are presented in a matte package that is pleasant to the touch. The design has unfinished elements that stimulate imagination and creativity. Harmonious decoration in neutral white and blue is a classic that is always relevant.


  • a rich palette of 18 juicy colors - the drawings will be bright;
  • the thickness of the slate is 3 mm: draws smoothly, does not crumble and does not scratch the paper;
  • hexagonal body - does not roll off the desk;
  • body made of natural wood - easily sharpened, without chips and dents;
  • coating with water-based varnish prevents drying;
  • safe materials - water-based varnish and quality pigments;
  • design inspires creativity.

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