Directions for Use of Kite backpacks and bags

Dear customer,

Thank you for using Kite products! We recommend you take notice of these Directions for Use so that Kite products you have selected serve you properly and to your satisfaction for a long period of time.

Directions for Use of Kite backpacks and bags:

1. Handle the product with care and according to its intended use; avoid mechanical damage (scratches, cuts, tear) as well as exposure to aggressive chemicals and other impacts that would damage the appearance and integrity of products.

2. The product is recommended to be stored and transported in its original packaging.

3. In order to avoid discoloration keep your product away from long-term exposure to direct sunlight.

4. Do not overload backpacks and bags as it leads to their deformation and stretching and may lead to damage. Maximum load shall correspond to product type and shall not exceed the allowable norm:

  • Handbags and shoe bags - no more than 2 kg;
  • School backpack, backpacks for youth, sports bags - no more than 7 kg.

Do not put sharp, cutting or piercing objects inside without special protector cases.

Do not put objects inside that exceed the size of pockets and compartments.

Additional recommendations for use:

1. If the design of the product envisions simultaneous use of two handles or straps, then it is necessary to use all straps or handles when the load is 30% more than the maximum allowable weight. Avoid abrupt lifting (jerking) of the product by the handles (straps) when the load is 50% more than the maximum allowable weight.

2. Uneven distribution of items inside the product may lead to your backpack or bag being unstable on the surface as well as to early wear of fixtures and other accessories. It is advisable to place heavy objects closer to the back of the product. This helps maintain child's proper body posture and the backpack is easy to put on and carry.

3. In order to avoid problems with the zipper closure you need to lift it a little bit during opening or closing (to avoid fabric skirting or rim getting under the zipper slider). In such a way the slider will easily and smoothly move over the zipper elements.

4. Avoid overloading the product. When overloaded the zipper elements may come apart due do disruption of the "tooth into tooth" set-up. All this may lead to complete loss of function.

Care instructions:

1. When cleaning the product use only the methods specified on the label. Do not use aggressive substances or detergents for cleaning.

2. To clean products made of nylon, polyester, polyamide, polyurethane and vinyl use a moist tissue, brush or sponge.

3. If stains remain on the product surface wet a piece of clean soft cloth in a mix of liquid laundry soap and warm water and apply carefully to the stained surface. Then remove the soap solution using a clean moist tissue.

4. In order to avoid streak marks or stains during cleaning wipe the face surface carefully in circular motions starting at the center of the stain and out to the edges.

5. It is recommended to hand wash products made of nylon, polyester, polyamide, polyurethane and vinyl in soapy water at temperature not exceeding 30°С .

6. For persistent stains use special foam type cleaning agents. DO NOT USE BLEACH!

7. Do not wash products decorated with sequins, rhinestones, embroidery or embroidered details in the washing machine.

8. Do not iron backpacks and bags.

9. Store backpacks and bags in a dry place.


If you follow all rules and conditions for use as well as consistently care for your favorite item, you will be satisfied with long-term and comfortable use of Kite merchandise.