Name badge Kite tokidoki TK22-450-1, slide-to-open, with accessories, black

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Name badge Kite tokidoki TK22-450-1 makes the perfect pocket sized document holder.

Student, student or travel card, pass or subscription should always be at hand. But how do you keep them neat and not lost in the daily hustle and bustle?

The Kite badge is made of durable PP+PVC+nylon materials, resistant to wear and tactilely pleasant.

The transparent pocket reliably protects the front of the document and at the same time makes it visible for presentation.

Convenient fastening: metal carabiner and locking loop. The original durable tape effectively complements the design.

Stylish design turns a practical badge into a spectacular accessory that a child will wear with pleasure.


  • vertical format - convenient for placing documents;
  • badge size: 70x110 mm; tape: 20x400 mm;
  • strong materials PP + PVC + nylon - guarantee a long service life and high wear resistance;
  • secure fastening: metal carabiner and locking loop;
  • transparent main pocket - the document does not need to be pulled out for presentation;
  • stylish design for a good mood.

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