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The Kite K24-173-3 Fox mechanical timer is a useful and interesting tool for schoolchildren. It is indispensable for studying, fun games and any daily tasks. The mechanical timer is very easy to use. There is no need to connect to the mains or set up complex settings - just turn the timer to the desired time and start using. Even preschoolers can cope with this.

What can you use a mechanical Kite timer for?

  • Lessons and homework. A mechanical timer will help the child to clearly see how many minutes can be spent on various exercises. Realize that the time to complete each task is limited, and its rational use will help you manage to do everything planned on time.
  • Moving and board games. The timer is indispensable for team relays, fun starts and physical exercises. And also - for games where each player has a limited time for his move or action (chess, "Monopoly", "Alias", "Crocodile", "Who's first", etc.). It adds liveliness to activities, enhancing positive competition and adding fun to the game. Using a timer, you can not only make the game process easier, but also make it more interesting and exciting for all participants.
  • Exciting quizzes. Divide the participants into teams and set a time for completing tasks or solving puzzles. The team that coped with the task the fastest will win.
  • Everyday affairs. It is convenient to measure the time for brushing teeth, cooking scrambled eggs, packing a backpack, making the bed, tidying up, etc.
  • Pauses and rest. Setting time for short breaks during study helps to avoid overexertion. The time limit will prevent you from dozing off and procrastinating.
  • Change of activity. Sitting and focusing on text for a long time is not good for health. Set a timer so you don't forget to turn on the treadmill, stretch your fingers and rest your eyes.
  • Motivation. Limiting time for various tasks motivates the child not to delay in completing the task. Now every business is like an interesting game where you can play ahead of yourself.

A mechanical timer for schoolchildren is not only a useful tool for organizing time, but also an important component of developing time management skills, concentration and productivity. Due to its simplicity and reliability, it is an ideal assistant in the education and development of schoolchildren.


  • compact size: 60*60*67 mm;
  • metal winding mechanism - works reliably without batteries and recharging;
  • continuously adjustable countdown interval - up to 60 minutes;
  • sound signal after timeout;
  • durable, safe and pleasant to the touch material: ABS plastic with a rubberized coating;
  • excellent visual indication – a clear and easy-to-read scale that allows you to quickly assess how much time is left;
  • unique design that interests and motivates;
  • attractive packaging with a window.

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