Coin bank Kite K23-498-4, deer
Coin bank Kite K23-498-4, deer 1
Coin bank Kite K23-498-4, deer 2

Coin bank Kite K23-498-4, deer

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    Coin banks
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Kiter coin bank K23-498-4 Deer - original and functional. It will help the child to save money for a dream purchase and stylishly decorate the interior. This is a spectacular gift that will bring benefits and joy for many years.

The coin bank is made of strong, high-quality plastic. It is very capacious and practical. It has a slot for coins and a convenient flap for removing the contents. And therefore, in order to get his accumulated "treasures", the child will not have to break or damage the coin bank. It can be reused an infinite number of times.

Thanks to the original shape, the coin bank will lift the mood and decorate the interior. The fawn is very cute and cute. It is both a cool functional thing and an interesting toy. The coin bank is presented in a convenient and effective cardboard package, perfect as a gift for children and teenagers.


  • roomy and roomy, has a size of 13*13*17 cm;
  • made of high-quality durable plastic;
  • has a valve for convenient extraction of contents, it does not need to be broken, and the cycles of use are unlimited;
  • design in the form of a fawn is stylish and original;
  • presentable packaging – a bright cardboard box.

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