Air dry clay Kite Dogs K22-133

  • Product group
    Modeling clay and modeling tools
  • Number colors
  • Brand:
    KITE Dogs

Air dry clay Kite Dogs K22-133 – pleasure from modeling and incredible creative possibilities.

Clay is very lightweight and pleasant to the touch. During modeling it is incredibly soft, with delicate velvety texture. Dries up in open air within 12 hours and its texture resembles light rubber.

When dry it does not crack, retains rich color and form. Dried minifigures turn into solid and light toys— they do not fall apart, they can be colored with felt pens or paints. If you insert a magnet during modeling, you will get a one-of-a-kind handmade souvenir. You can make bouncy toys from it, which will bounce well, and also toys for bath time, because they do not sink in water.

Helps a child develop manual dexterity, logic, imagination, creative potential.

Air dry clay does not leave traces and does not require any special baseboards. This product has undergone hygienic research, is free from harmful substances and safe for children’s crafts.

Collect the entire set of stationery in Kite Dogs design line. Children will get to know different dog breeds and engage in a good deed of helping four-legged friends. Buying this product you support the program to help stray animals jointly with a charitable fund. Detailed information about the project is on each packaging of this line of products.


  • bright colors to create colorful handcrafted items;
  • soft velvety texture – material is very pleasant to the touch;
  • colors mix well together – you can create new color tones;
  • clay dries up within 12 hours – finished items turn into real toys;
  • you can make bouncy toys, toys for bath time, decorations or clothes for dolls;
  • attractive design of the packaging with funny pets.

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