Set of fiber-tipped pens Kite Dogs K22-447, 12 colors

  • Product group
    Felt pens
  • Writing node, mm
    1 - 2
  • Number colors
  • Brand:
    KITE Dogs

Set of water-based fiber-tipped pens Kitе K22-447 will occupy your child for a long time at home, on a trip or while visiting someone. Deep colors will astonishingly accurately recreate the child’s mood, and the masterpiece will play out in fresh colors.

The pictures turn out vibrant and bright, like a shot from a cartoon. The process of drawing will be pleasant and fun. Round penpoint is firmly fixed and does not sink in: the child can passionately draw rain or festive confetti. The line is smooth and deep, 1-2 mm wide.

Water-based ink is safe for health, washes off surfaces easily.

Pen body is made of high quality primary plastic, resistant to falling. If broken, fiber-tipped pens do not make sharp chippings.

Collect the entire set of stationery in Kite Dogs design line. Children will get to know different dog breeds and engage in a good deed of helping four-legged friends. Buying this product you support the program to help stray animals jointly with a charitable fund. Detailed information about the project is on each packaging of Kite Dogs line products.


  • bright palette – set of 12 vibrant colors;
  • safe water-based ink washes off surfaces easily;
  • reliable body made of strong polypropylene is resistant to falling;
  • Kite Dogs line – drawing is much more fun in the company of an amusing four-legged friend;
  • attractive colorful packaging with a handy Euro Hang Tab.

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