Wax-based modeling clay Kite Fantasy Pastel K22-086-2P, 12 colors, 200 g

  • Product group
    Modeling clay and modeling tools
  • Number colors
  • Brand:
    Kite Fantasy

Wax-based modeling clay Kite Fantasy Pastel K22-086-2P consists of 12 colors. Attractive cardboard packaging will delight you with bright colours.

It is plastic, easily kneaded in children's hands and holds its shape well. The pieces stick together easily and do not crumble.

Working with plasticine develops fine motor skills, the child's creativity, a sense of proportion and color.

Plasticine Kite Fantasy will be a great addition to other stationery from this series.


  • soft texture - easy to knead in the palms, does not require preheating;
  • high-quality pigments - the blocks are evenly colored;
  • colours are perfectly mixed with each other;
  • a wide harmonic palette of 12 colors - you can create harmonious masterpieces;
  • advanced composition - does not leave greasy and colorful marks on hands and surfaces;
  • It has a neutral odor and a safe composition - absolutely harmless for its intended use.

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