Sharpener with container and eraser Kite Jungle K23-366, assorted

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Sharpener with container and eraser Kite K23-366 Jungle is a multifunctional accessory for school and crafts. It looks like a funny toy and combines two useful items in one - a sharpener with a container and an eraser.

This small animal is very cute, compact and functional. It cheers up and helps to correct notes during the lessons as well as takes care of keeping the pencilcases in a perfect condition.

The sharpener with a durable steel blade easily sharpens pencils without damaging the lead. The sharpening point remains smooth, without chips and notches. The shavings fall into the container, leaving the workplace perfectly clean. The container can be opened and it is easy to clean.

The eraser is made of high quality synthetic rubber with a neutral aroma. You can easily correct a drawing or notes made with a graphite pencil. The build-in eraser is closed with a cap in the shape of an animal head.


  • toy and functional 2-in-1 stationery accessory;
  • durable steel blade of the sharpener easily sharpens wooden pencils without chips and notches;
  • spacious shavings container to keep the desk tidy;
  • the eraser cleans off a drawing or notes made with a graphite pencil;
  • safe and high-quality - the sharpener is made of high-quality harmless materials;
  • wonderful animal toy design for a good mood.

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