Color eraser Kite Jungle K21-374, assorted

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Colorful eraser Kite K21-3734 Jungle is a bright assistant you need at every lesson! It easily removes any traces of graphite pencil.

The eraser is made of high quality and safe thermoplastic rubber. It has a flat oval shape, thanks to which you can easily get rid of mistakes on a large area of ​​the sheet and gently erase small elements.

The eraser is large and will last long.

There are 4 bright designs with a harmonious combination of two colors and funny images with cute animals for a great mood. Each eraser has its own letter. Collect a complete collection and make the word "Kite".


  • easily removes traces of of graphite pencils of any hardness due to high-quality materials;
  • erases gently and evenly without damaging the surface of the paper;
  • the texture is soft and smooth - the eraser is smudge-resistant, it doesn't crumble or create paper dust;
  • made of high-quality thermoplastic rubber;
  • bright design with funny animals and letters for a great mood;
  • comes in an awesome package - colorful cardboard display.

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