Pencil sharpener with container Kite Naruto NR23-117

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Sharpener with container Kite NR23-117 offer great performance for sharpening wooden pencils and helps keeping your workspace tidy.

It is made of high quality safe materials. The body is made of environmental-friendly primary plastic and the blade is made of reliable durable steel.

The sharpener easily sharpens pencils without damaging the lead. The sharpening point remains smooth, without chips and notches.

No more dirt and trash in the workplace: during sharpening, the shavings fall into a transparent container, which is very easy to clean.

Due to the optimal compact size and ergonomic curved shape, it is comfortable to hold in hands. The rubbered coating is pleasant to the touch and the embossed grip area prevents from slipping.


  • made from durable plastic
  • steel blade sharpenes pencils without chips and notches, does not break the stylus;
  • the sharpening point remains smooth;
  • resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures;
  • the sharpener is recommended for children of preschool and school age.

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