Gel pen "write-erase" Kite Harry Potter HP23-068, blue

  • Material
  • Product group
    Erasable gel pens
  • Writing node, mm
  • Grip
  • Thickness of the line of writing (lead diameter), mm
  • Brand:
    Harry Potter

Gel pen "write-erase" Kite HP23-068 attracts attention with a bright design and has a unique ability: the inscription can be erased within 12 hours. Any inaccuracies can be easily corrected using a special eraser built into the case. The writing is removed by heating the ink to 60°C during friction. As a result, the inscription disappears without harm to the paper and leaves no traces.

With gel ink and a high-quality Premec nib, the Kite pen writes softly and leaves a clear mark on paper even with minimal pressure. It has a comfortable body shape and a rubber grip, so the pen is comfortable to hold while writing. The “write-erase” pen is perfect for studying and helps to avoid stress: an accidental mistake is easy to correct, which means that the notebook will always be clean and tidy.


  • plastic case - durable and pleasant to the touch;
  • rubberized grip softens the pressure on the fingers - even with prolonged writing, the child's hand does not get tired;
  • built-in eraser - always at hand;
  • high quality blue color gel ink;
  • Premec nib 0.5 mm: writes smoothly without leaving blots or gaps;
  • ink can be removed within 12 hours - no more blots;
  • the inscription disappears without damaging the paper - notebooks will always be neat;
  • transparent cap protects the case from contamination;
  • stylish design will give a lot of positive emotions.

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