Page paper markers Kite Harry Potter HP23-480, 100 шт, 5х15х50 mm

  • Product group
    Sticky notes and page markers
  • Brand:
    Harry Potter

Kite HP23-480 paper bookmarks are bright, fun and very easy to use. They help to mark actual pages of textbooks, favourite books, magazines, comic books or study workbooks. Indispensable for organizing notes, organizing topics in personal notebooks, sketchbooks, planters and diaries. Perfect for studies, hobbies and leisure activities.

The new modern bookmark stickers are a real trend among children, teenagers and young people. After all, they are extremely useful and fun to use.

The sticky layer makes it easy and secure to attach the stickers to paper and cardboard. This is very convenient! The bookmark will not fall out of the book or get lost. If necessary, the sticker can be detached from the page and will not leave any marks on the page.

The set contains 5 types of 20 stickers each, united by a common theme.


  • convenient original format with sticky sides - bookmarks fit perfectly and leave no marks on the page when they are removed;
  • 5x15x50mm - laconic and compact, easy to take on trips;
  • 5 types of 20 pieces each - a harmonious set that will help you design your books and notebooks in the same style;
  • cool bright design - for good mood and inspiration.

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