Set of brushes Kite K18-341 (pony round 1, 5, 9)

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    Drawing accessories
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With the Kite K18-341 set of brushes, the child will easily realize his creative ideas and fantasies on paper. Brushes are designed for painting with water-soluble paint: watercolor, gouache or tempera.

Each brush has a handle made of birch wood, framed by a seamless aluminum clip. The bristles are made of thin pony hair, it keeps its original shape and absorbs paint well.

The set is contained in a blister pack and consists of 3 round brushes of different sizes - 1, 5, 9. This will help the child not only to carefully draw details and contours, but also to color the background.


  • set consists of three round brushes №1, №5 and №9;
  • intended for painting with water-soluble paints: watercolor, gouache, tempera;
  • ergonomic wooden handle with a smooth surface;
  • bristle made of fine pony hair framed by an aluminum clip;
  • a basic set for drawing at school and at home.

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