Palette for painting Kite K17-1143-21, white

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    Drawing accessories
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White palette Kite K17-1143-21 will help the child to create magical drawings. It is indispensable for school, kindergarten, art circles and home creativity.

The palette has convenient indentations for diluting paints and mixing colors. It is made of durable and wear-resistant plastic, which is easy to wash and clean from traces of paint. All shades and colors are clearly visible on the white background of the palette.


  • the palette has 9 recesses for mixing colors;
  • made of high-quality durable plastic;
  • white color is an impeccable basis for mixing colors and creating new shades;
  • traditional design: oval shape, oval hole for comfortable holding;
  • intended for work with water-soluble paints: watercolor, gouache, tempera.

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