Folder-briefcase with zipper Kite Rachael Hale R22-202, 1 compartment, A4

  • Material
  • Product group
    Folders and briefcases for school
  • Brand:
    Rachael Hale

Briefcase folder Kite R22-202 A4 is a convenient accessory for schoolchildren and preschoolers. A bright folder is indispensable for drawing lessons, music, extracurricular activities, sections and circles.

Spectacular design will attract the attention of young students. A stylish accessory that you want to quickly take with you to class.

Children are diligent artists and musicians. They put all their love and creativity into their creations. For each kid, his own drawing is not just a picture. This is a reflection of his beautiful soul. Therefore, it is so important for the crumbs that all her masterpieces are kept carefully.

A4 format allows you to neatly store and carry notebooks, sketchbooks, notes, a set of colorful paper. Thanks to strong walls made of thick plastic, the folder perfectly holds its shape. This means that paper documents are reliably protected from damage.


  • A4 format - versatile and capacious;
  • can be used as an independent accessory;
  • dense plastic (650 microns) - strong and reliable;
  • diagonal plastic structure - protects the surface from damage and scratches, prevents the pattern from being quickly wiped off the surface;
  • soft textile handles - it is convenient to carry a briefcase in your hands;
  • fabric edging protects the edge - so that the briefcase lasts a long time;
  • zipper with two sliders - can be opened and closed in any direction;
  • effective design lifts the mood.

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