Ballpoint pen Kite Rachael Hale R22-412, blue

  • Material
  • Product group
    Ballpoint pens
  • Writing node, mm
  • Grip
  • Thickness of the line of writing (lead diameter), mm
  • Brand:
    Rachael Hale

Ballpoint pen Kite R22-412 is bright, high quality and comfortable. The cute pen`s case design will give you a lot of positive emotions and will motivate to study with joy.

The pen writes easily and smoothly, without requiring strong pressure. Thanks to a high-quality writing point with a diameter of 0.5 mm, the line is clear without gaps and blots. The pen does not scratch the paper and does not smudge. And this means that notebooks will always be clean and tidy.

The quality and ergonomics of writing utensils to a certain extent determine the handwriting, mood and overall performance of the student.

Quality penpoint ensures smoothness and clarity of written letters.

Blue colour ink is versatile and ideal for school lessons and extracurricular activities.


  • line point Premec 0.5 mm - leaves a neat saturated line;
  • high-quality ink - writes easily and smoothly, does not require strong pressure;
  • comfortable grip area with a rubber grip reduces hand fatigue during writing.
  • classic blue color ink - universal, meets school standards;
  • case made of durable plastic is decorated with a spectacular pattern and a tactilely pleasant soft touch coating;
  • the ventilated cap securely closes the writing unit, protecting the pencil case from contamination;
  • Rachael Hale children's favorite license - learning with adorable kittens is much more interesting.

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