Double spill-proof paint cup K17-1142-10, pink

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    Drawing accessories
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The Kite K17-1142-10 non-spill double cup is designed for painting with paints. It is easy to wash a brush of any size in a cup.

The glass is very light, stable and reliable. Its design prevents water from spilling in case of accidental overturning. And therefore, the workplace of a young artist will always be neat and dry.

The lid is easily removed, which allows you to wash the cup and prepare it for the next use.

The double glass is very convenient for long-term drawing: it is divided into 2 parts, the water in which does not mix. This allows you to prolong the process of creating artistic masterpieces, because the water will not be polluted so quickly. One part of the container can be used to clean the brush from light colors, the other - for dark colors.


  • a double glass with a removable lid and a "non-spill" mechanism;
  • made of strong impact-resistant polypropylene;
  • stable, light and reliable;
  • concise design, thoughtful construction.

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