Desk Set «Cube» Kite Street Style K22-409, cardboard

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Desk set "Cube" Kite Street Style K22-409 is a multifunctional assistant for home, school and office.

It is indispensable for those who study or work. It will help organize daily activities, lessons and a variety of hobbies.

This set is a real miracle. The compact cube contains important stationery items:

  • block of note papers 75 x 75 mm - 500 pcs. (two colors);
  • block of stickers (paper with an adhesive layer) 75 x 50 mm - 50 pcs.;
  • bright colored bookmarks - 5 x 25 pcs.;
  • compact office organizer for stationery.

The set easily folds into a laconic cube and, if necessary, unfolds, turning into a functional mini-panel.

This innovative accessory will help you organize information in your abstract, personal diary or book. Write down the most valuable thoughts and rules. And also - to emphasize the main thing in books and notebooks.

High-quality smooth paper is pleasant for writing. Adhesive stickers and bookmarks are easy to stick on and remove from pages without leaving any residue.


  • 500 note sheets and 50 sticky notes are the large amount that will last a long time;
  • bright bookmarks - to keep everything important in the focus of attention;
  • compact size - practically does not take up space on a table or desk;
  • paper 80 g/m2 - high quality, with a pleasant smooth texture;
  • cardboard folding box - for convenient and tidy storage;
  • 5-in-1 wide functionality - will add convenience in everyday life;
  • help organize information, learning materials and favorite literature;
  • stylish bright decoration.

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