Graphite pencil with eraser Kite Bananas K21-056-4

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    Graphite pencils
  • Writing node, mm
  • Thickness of the line of writing (lead diameter), mm
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Graphite pencil with eraser Kite K21-056-4 is the most important inhabitant of every school and student pencil case. It may be needed in absolutely any lesson, and in some subjects it plays the leading role: it emphasizes the main thing, draws sketches, creates drawings.

Pencil combines a combo of three key qualities:

  • draws softly;
  • easy to sharpen;
  • looks impressive.

Soft writing provides a high-quality lead with an optimal thickness of 2.2 cm. It does not crumble or scratch the paper. Saturation and Thickness of the line is easily adjusted with pressure.

The case made of natural basswood is easily and smoothly sharpened, without chips and notches. The lead is evenly glued with dispersed glue along its entire length, which makes it durable: it does not crack during sharpening and in case of accidental fall.

Colorful design with a stylish pattern will add brightness to school days. A cool pug on a skateboard cannot leave you indifferent. Thanks to high-quality printing throughout the body, the pencil looks impeccable: the colors are rich and the contours are clear. Safe water-based varnish protects the body from drying out.

And there is also an eraser, which is always at hand. Write, erase, create.


  • hardness HB - universal for school needs;
  • lead 2.2 mm thick - draws softly, does not crumble and does not scratch the paper;
  • body made of natural linden - easy and smooth sharpening;
  • high-quality coating prevents drying and cracking on the case;
  • pencil length: 175 mm - will last a long time and fit perfectly in a pencil case;
  • built-in eraser - at any time will help to correct inaccuracies;
  • bright design – beautiful stationery inspires.

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