Desk organizer Kite tokidoki TK22-357

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Desk organizer Kite TK22-357 (4 items) is intended for storage of stationery and small items.

It is not as easy as it seems to keep your work desk in order. Even adults sometimes make “creative chaos” at their workplace. Writing accessories and stationery items cannot be hidden in an out-of-the-way drawer, they always need to be within reach.

Multi-organizer Kite will help to bid farewell to heaps and piles on the work desk. Each pen, sharpener and paper clip will get to their places and the room will look neat and cozy.

Multi-organizer consists of 4 items:

  • tray for stationery;
  • square container for pens, pencils and brushes;
  • vertical tray for albums, notebooks and A4 format documents;
  • mini chest of drawers with two pull-out drawers for small items.

You will stop puzzling over questions like “where to put glue” or “where has the stapler disappeared to”. Thanks to the bright trendy design this desk organizer will fit perfectly into the interior and will bring you cheer every day. The entire set can be compactly fit into a plastic box with a handle. It can be a perfect gift.


  • material dense cardboard;
  • dimensions: the tray is 10.8*25.5*30 cm, stand for small items 21.4*9.5*11.4 cm, cup for pens: 7.5*8* 11.5 cm, chest of drawers 18*9.8*15 cm;
  • packaging: plastic box with a handle.

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