Color chalk Kite Fantasy Jumbo K22-073-2, 6 colors

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    Kite Fantasy

Color chalk Kite Jumbo Fantasy K22-073-2 is the dream of little fidgets. Bright multi-colored bars are like magic wands: any walk will be turned into a colorful festival of creativity.

This set is special! After all, it consists of large bars of a rounded shape. Jumbo chalk in tandem with a young artist will create many unforgettable drawings on asphalt, a special board or other rough surfaces. Due to the uniform texture, they do not leave scratches on the blackboard.

Chalk Jumbo will last a long time! Just imagine how many masterpieces will be born from the light hand of a small creator: funny portraits and colorful Colours; calligraphic letters and impeccably levels of classics.

Convenient packaging! Compact cardboard box fits perfectly in a backpack. Licensed design with your favorite characters will inspire and uplift your mood.

Chalk is made of environmentally friendly and safe materials, and has a neutral aroma. If necessary, wash off with water from any surface.

Collect a complete collection of stationery in the exciting Fantasy series.


  • juicy palette of 6 pastel colors - so that the drawings are bright;
  • safe composition and neutral aroma;
  • uniform texture - the chalk does not crumble and does not scratch the surface;
  • size 1 bar: 105x22 mm - the chalk is large, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand;
  • bright Fantasy series - for super-inspiration.

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