Color chalk Kite Dogs K22-075, 12 pcs

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    KITE Dogs

Color crayons Kite K22-075 is a super-set for little fidgets. 12 colorful crayons will fill the walk with vivid emotions.

The sticks have an oblong shape with a smooth surface, fit in the palm like a pencil: drawing is easy and convenient. With the help of Colored crayons, the kid will create many unforgettable drawings on asphalt, a special board or other rough surfaces. Due to the uniform texture, they do not crumble and do not leave scratches on the blackboard.

Convenient packaging! Compact cardboard box fits perfectly in a backpack.

The crayons are made of environmentally friendly and safe materials, have a neutral smell. If necessary, wash off with water from any surface.

Collect a complete stationery collection in the exciting Kite Dogs series. Children will get acquainted with different breeds of dogs and join the good deed of helping four-legged pets.


  • juicy palette of 6 pastel colors - so that the drawings are bright;
  • safe composition and neutral smell;
  • homogeneous texture - the crayons do not crumble and do not scratch the surface;
  • in a set of 12 bars - crayons will last for a long time;
  • size 1 bar: 80x9 mm - crayons fit comfortably in the palm of your hand like a pencil or pen;
  • bright series Kite Dogs - for super-inspiration.

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