Color cardboard double-sided Kite Fantasy K22-255-2, А4, 10 sheets/10 colors

  • Product group
    Color paper and cardboard
  • Type
    Colored cardboard
  • Paper weight, g/m2
  • Brand:

Set of double-sided color cardboard Kite K22-255-2 will supply the child with material to develop creative skills and help to bring to life many creative ideas. Cardboard is pleasant to work with, it is bright on both sides, thick, retains form, does not deform from glue. It is perfect as the background for applique patters and postcards, for tridimensional minifigures.

Children will like the cover the set comes in owing to its bright inspiring design! Color cardboard Fantasy will become a perfect addition to other stationery from the same design line.


  • 10 double-sided sheets in different colors to create many bright handcrafted items;
  • large A4 format – can be used as the background for applique patterns;
  • balanced palette of 10 colors: red, purple, pink, yellow, dark blue, light blue, green, lettuce green, gray and black;
  • cardboard density is 190 g/m2 – has uniform texture and is easy to cut with scissors;
  • does not contain harmful substances and is safe for children;
  • recommended for preschool and school children;
  • bright inspiring packaging – cardboard folder convenient for storing cardboard and flat finished items.

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