Glue stick PVP Kite Dogs K22-130, 8 g

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    KITE Dogs

Glue stick Kite Dogs K22-131 – the best helper to create handcrafted items and applique patterns. Glue has uniform consistency, is easy to apply and fast-drying.

Glue stick is a real find for school children and pre-schoolers (for use during kindergarten lessons or under parental supervision). It is compact and handy, does not spill or smear. Perfectly glues together paper, cardboard and photos, making it ideal for creativity at home, school or kindergarten. Glued paper does not wrinkle or deform: applique patterns will be pretty and neat.

Stick format is the best option to take to school, kindergarten or arts and crafts classes. Fits perfectly in a beauty bag-type or tube-type pencil case, apron pocket and the desk stationery organizer.

PVP glue does not contain dissolvents, has neutral odor. It is absolutely safe to use for intended purpose.

Kite Dogs design will appeal to children and make the creativity process even more exciting. The packaging features a charming Jack Russell Terrier dog. Buying this product you support the program to help stray animals.

Collect the full set of stationery in your favorite design line and let studying and arts and crafts bring maximum pleasure.


  • easy to use – has uniform consistency, applies easily and smoothly;
  • safe – does not contain dissolvents and has neutral odor;
  • purpose – easily glues paper, cardboard, photos;
  • multipurpose – good for handicrafts lessons at the kindergarten, school and is indispensable for use at home;
  • thought out to the last detail – perfect for the school pencil case: volume 8 g, stick body height – 87 mm;
  • when stored correctly, preserves its qualities for a long time – shelf life 24 months;
  • colorful design of the stick body in your favorite design line – for inspiration.

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