Water bottle Kite K21-398-01, 700 ml, grey-orange

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    Water bottles
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Water bottle Kite K21-398-01 has a stylish design and ergonomic shape. A capacious and practical model will help to restore the water balance in time throughout the day. It is convenient to take it for walks, training, to school and to work. With this accessory, you are not afraid of thirst, wherever you are.

Each family member needs an individual water bottle. It helps to save on the purchase of drinks and protects the environment due to an unlimited service life. It gives you the opportunity to take a wide variety of drinks with you: water, juices, fruit drinks, compotes or cool tea. It is convenient, hygienic and environmentally friendly, and most importantly - good for health. When clean water is always at hand, the water balance will be in order, and the mood will be at its best.

The bottle is made of high-quality and safe food material - tritan. This is an innovative material that combines all the advantages of plastic and glass, but is characterized by increased strength and wear resistance. Designed for drinks up to 90°C.

The Tritan bottle is safe for health and does not contain BPA. When heated or stored for a long time, food does not emit toxic substances, has no smell and does not affect the taste of water.

The threaded lid closes securely, preventing water from spilling, and also protects the mouthpiece from contamination.

Stylish design with a soft-touch matte finish and a harmonious combination of colors makes this model flawless.


  • very capacious - volume 700 ml;
  • made of tritan - durable, lightweight and safe for health;
  • the material is odorless and does not affect the taste of water;
  • withstands temperatures up to 90 ° C, does not emit toxins;
  • ergonomic shape - the bottle is comfortable to hold in your hand;
  • sealed lid - water does not spill;
  • the cover will not be lost, as it is attached to the body with a latch;
  • attractive design with matte soft-touch finish.

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