Thermomug Kite K21-324-02, 260 ml, mint

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    Stainless steel
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  • Volume, ml
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Thermomug Kite K21-324-02 is simply incredible. Graceful, gentle and not similar to others. It combines impeccable functionality, uncompromising quality and stunning design. With this mug you can enjoy the taste of your favorite drinks and get aesthetic pleasure from its exquisite design.

How often do you pamper yourself with hot tea, coffee or cocoa? At the office or at home, we are often distracted by urgent matters and return to a long-brewed drink when it has already cooled down and lost its properties.

The mug retains heat or cold well and keeps the temperature of the drink up to 2 hours. And this means that you can enjoy hot fragrant tea or perfectly iced lemonade for a long time.

Thermo mug Kite K21-324-02 is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304, which is optimal for the food industry. This material is safe for health, does not accumulate odors and does not affect the taste of the drink.

The transparent lid closes tightly and securely. It is convenient to drink from this cup on the go - the liquid will not spill. The lid is made of durable and safe material - tritan.

The outer walls of the mug do not heat up: you will not burn your palms even when boiling water is inside the cup.

Stylish design in snow-white Color will delight you with seasoned minimalism and versatility. Thanks to the luxurious matte texture, the cup looks flawless, and fingerprints do not remain on its surface.


  • volume 260 ml - compact and concise;
  • keeps the temperature of the drink up to 2 hours - hot stays hot for a long time, and cold - cold;
  • safe and high quality - made of steel for the food industry AISI 304;
  • does not accumulate aromas and does not affect the taste of the drink;
  • transparent tritan lid with rubber insert - prevents spillage of the drink, you can drink on the go;
  • the outer walls of the mug do not heat up - it is comfortable to hold in your hands;
  • stylish minimalist design – trendy matte texture and delicate mint color.

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