Gel pen "write-erase" Kite Smart K21-098-02, blue

  • Material
  • Product group
    Erasable gel pens
  • Writing node, mm
  • Grip
  • Thickness of the line of writing (lead diameter), mm
  • Brand:

Gel pen "write-erase" Smart K21-098-02 has a pleasant to the touch rubberized body. Thanks to the triangular rubber grip, the handle is comfortable to hold in your hand. The main feature of the model is the ability to delete a record within 12 hours using an eraser built into the case. Inks have unique properties. The writing is removed by heating the ink to 60°C during friction. As a result, the inscription disappears without harm to the paper.

The Smart Write-Erase pen is perfect for school or work, where corrections cannot be allowed. The gel ink and high-quality Premec nib write softly, effortlessly, leaving a clear and rich mark. The body is made of durable plastic.


  • rubberized plastic housing - durable and pleasant to the touch;
  • the eraser is built into the body - so it is always at hand;
  • high quality blue color gel ink;
  • writing node Premec - writes smoothly, without blots and spaces;
  • ink can be removed within 12 hours - no more blots;
  • the inscription is removed without damaging the paper - notebooks will always be neat;
  • stylish design with a harmonious combination of colours.

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