Ballpoint pen retractable Kite Hello Kitty HK23-067, 4 colors
Ballpoint pen retractable Kite Hello Kitty HK23-067, 4 colors 1

Ballpoint pen retractable Kite Hello Kitty HK23-067, 4 colors

  • Material
  • Product group
    Ballpoint pens
  • Writing node, mm
  • Grip
  • Thickness of the line of writing (lead diameter), mm
  • Brand:
    Hello Kitty

Automatic ballpoint pen Kite HK23-067 with 4 multicolored refills is a creative writing tool that makes it convenient to take notes. The stylish ergonomic case contains a basic palette of 4 rich colors: blue, red, green and black.

Thanks to the automatic refill switching mechanism, you don't need to waste time choosing other accessories - just press the button and select the desired color. Highlight the main point, mark important parts of the text and highlight the headings of your notes with different colors. The 4-in-1 pen takes up minimal space in your pencil case and saves time by replacing four writing utensils at once.

Thanks to the high-quality Swiss Premec writing nib and German Documental ink, all 4 rods write smoothly, creating a rich line without gaps or blots. Consequently, your writing will be beautiful and tidy.

The soft ergonomic grip ensures comfort during long use of the pen. The soft grip area reduces pressure on your fingers and prevents blisters: even during long writing sessions, your hand is less tired.

The model has a stylish body design with a colorful pattern. It will lift your spirits and inspire you every day.


  • 4 multicolored rods in one pen - easy to highlight text with different colors;
  • Time-saving: automatic color mechanism allows you to quickly switch between the rods and not waste time choosing the right one;
  • high-quality writing nodes and bright ink - the pen writes smoothly and expressively;
  • soft ergonomic grip - provides comfort during prolonged use.

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