Scissors for children Kite My Little Pony LP23-123, 13 cm

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  • Length, cm
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    My Little Pony

Scissors for children Kite Fantasy LP23-123 with ergonomic rubberized handles in convenient Try-me-card packaging. Scissors will help to create bright applique patterns, accurately and precisely cut elements for beautiful handcrafted items. Scissors are designed specially for small hands and are convenient to hold in the palm.

Oval shaped handles are made of quality primary plastic, they are heat-resistant and resistant to mechanical damage.

Handles are rubberized to prevent slipping and ensure comfortable use for many hours.

Shear blades are made of stainless steel, intended to cut paper, cardboard, fabric and threads. Even with small pressure a child will cut thick cardboard.

Tips of scissors are rounded for safety.

13 cm length allows easy storage in a pencil case or in a small pocket. Recommended for preschool and school children.


  • comfortable length 13 cm – convenient to hold and fit into a pencil case;
  • convenient to use – ergonomic rubberized handles prevent slipping and are comfortable for many hours of use;
  • reliable – stainless steel shears perfectly cut paper, cardboard, fabric and thread;
  • safe – made of quality materials and have rounded tips.

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