Scissors for children Kite Hot Wheels HW23-129, 13 cm

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    Hot Wheels

Scissors for children Kite HW23-129, 13 cm, are fitted with a return mechanism and are especially convenient for children. The mechanism makes opening easy after making the cut and therefore eases pressure to the thumb and the entire hand. They spring during cutting helping the child to smoothly and easily cut figures out of paper or cardboard without much effort. If you pull the spring to the side, the scissors work normally as a traditional stationery model.

They come in handy at arts and crafts lessons or at home when a child wants something hand made. Scissors are designed specially for small hands and are convenient to hold in the palm.

Shear blades are made of stainless steel. Handles are made of quality plastic to prevent fingers from slipping, rounded tips make the tool convenient and safe.


  • scissors are 13 cm long and easy to fit into a school pencil case;
  • model with a return mechanism – a perfect option for little children who are only developing manual dexterity;
  • handles are made of strong primary plastic;
  • shears are made of stainless steel – easily cut fabric, paper or cardboard;
  • scissors move easily – even with light pressure a child will cut thick cardboard;
  • for safety the tips of scissors are rounded;
  • recommended for preschool and school children.

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