Rubber ruler-bracelet Kite K20-018-2 with a toy, 15 cm turquoise

  • Material
  • Product group
    Rulers; protractors; triangle rulers
  • Length, cm
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Rubber ruler-bracelet Kite K20-018-2 with a toy is irreplaceable at any lesson. With its help, it is so fun to draw geometric shapes and tables, measure segments, underline words and sentences. This model is special: it can be worn on the arm as a stylish bracelet.

On one side there is a 15 cm ruler, and on the back there is a bright colorful print. Marking and drawing are applied as clearly and reliably as possible, they are not erased with daily use. A spectacular decorative element is a funny llama figurine in sunglasses, which can be easily removed and moved freely.

The ruler is made of dense high-quality silicone - it is flexible, elastic and tactilely pleasant. The bracelet straightens in one motion and is fixed in this position with a slight click. Click - and the ruler relaxes again, twisting back into a soft bracelet. Freely wraps around the wrist, adapting to the size of the hand.

Working with the ruler is a real pleasure: the smooth surface and bright design inspire and uplift the mood, turning the ordinary process of drawing into an exciting action. As a bracelet, it becomes a magnificent highlight of the image.


  • materialsilicone;
  • metric scale - 15 cm;
  • bright colors;
  • can be worn as a bracelet;
  • removable toy.

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