Metal book stand Kite Wolf K24-390-2

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Metal book stand Kite K24-390-2 Wolf will help you study with comfort and pleasure.

A properly organized schoolchild's workplace has a positive effect on the child's mood, productivity and health. That is why the book stand is considered one of the most important school accessories, and its regular use will be useful throughout the entire educational process.

With the help of this stand, you can fix the book in 6 positions, choosing the most convenient angle of inclination. This significantly reduces the strain on the eyes and back. The child will be able to do lessons, maintaining a healthy posture and not overstraining the eyes. And this is so important for an unfortified growing organism.

In addition, the stand will help to rationally use the space on the desk and avoid the accumulation of educational materials. When the table is in order, lessons are done faster.

Colorful and original design will inspire your child to read with pleasure every day.

Under the friendly supervision of the kind eyes of your favorite animal, doing homework will never be boring. And after the end of the classes, the stand will become a beautiful decoration of the interior or hide inconspicuously in a drawer, because in its folded form it takes up a minimum of space.


  • all-metal construction - stable, reliable and strong; withstands even heavy voluminous books;
  • fixation in 6 positions - read at a comfortable angle so that the eyes are comfortable;
  • the clip for the pages prevents them from closing - the book is always open where it needs to be;
  • soft stoppers prevent slipping and protect the table surface;
  • when folded, it takes up a minimum of space and fits in a backpack;
  • safe high-quality materials, bright paint, wear-resistant coating - the stand will serve for years;
  • folded size - 200 x 260 mm - suitable for the largest textbooks;
  • bright packaging that reproduces the design of the stand: will look spectacular as a gift;
  • magical design - to make it more interesting to learn and do lessons in the company of noble animals.

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