Gouache Kite Hello Kitty HK23-063, 12 colors
Gouache Kite Hello Kitty HK23-063, 12 colors 1
Gouache Kite Hello Kitty HK23-063, 12 colors 2

Gouache Kite Hello Kitty HK23-063, 12 colors

  • Product group
    Paints for kids
  • Number colors
  • Brand:
    Hello Kitty

Gouache paints Kite HK23-063 - a stunning set for drawing, which will help the child's artistic masterpieces to shine in a special way.

Thanks to high-quality concentrated pigments, each drawing will be bright and expressive.

The set consists of 12 rich colors that combine well with each other, creating many new shades. A wide palette allows you to depict all the creative ideas of young artists as accurately as possible. Inspiration comes like a wave of a magic wand when there is such an extravaganza of colors in front of your eyes.

The texture of paints is dense and uniform. They are easily and evenly applied to the surface of the paper and have a high covering capacity. Gouache perfectly covers the sketch drawn with a graphite pencil, and after drying, it acquires a luxurious matte texture.

Kite gouache has an important feature: it does not crack after drying. So you can safely hang the picture on your grandmother's wall.

Unlike watercolor paints, gouache does not require the addition of water. However, if necessary, it can be washed with water to correct occasional inaccuracies in the drawing.

Kite kid's paints do not contain harmful substances, consist of natural components and safe preservatives. And most importantly, they have a completely neutral aroma.

They are easily washed off the skin and other surfaces with soapy water, and are excellent at washing off clothes.


  • harmonious palette - 12 bright colors in a set;
  • convenient format - 20 ml jars in cardboard packaging;
  • easy to use - paints mix well with each other;
  • pleasant uniform texture - no clots and lumps are formed;
  • safe for children - natural composition and neutral aroma.

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