Desktop waste bin Kite K22-010-01, light green

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    Desktop organization accessories
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Desktop waste bin Kite K22-010-01 is the cutest keeper of cleanliness on the table.

Most children's hobbies are creative activities based on working with paper, cardboard, and fabric. And in the process of work, a lot of scraps, flaps and other small debris often remain.

A desktop container in the form of a cute toy is an original solution to the problem of garbage in the workplace for all those who like to be creative and make various products.

The container has an attractive design that will decorate the interior of the children's room and fill it with special comfort. Thanks to its compact size, it is suitable for writing or computer desks, dressing tables and chests of drawers. The lid opens wide and closes easily, keeping debris inside securely.

At the same time, a cute toy and a practical accessory for the rational organization of the workplace and maintaining order.

With this container, the child will create applications, cut out snowflakes and sharpen pencils with pleasure. And the table will always be clean and tidy!


  • the desktop container is intended for small paper garbage;
  • original design in the form of a cute animal - will decorate the interior of the nursery and cheer you up;
  • compact size 16x12.5 cm and excellent capacity for optimal organization of space;
  • in an interesting game form will teach the child to maintain order;
  • undemanding in care - it is easy to remove the garbage and wash;
  • it is made from smooth and durable plastic.

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