Desk set squared Kite Fantasy K22-214

  • Material
  • Product group
    Desktop organization accessories
  • Brand:
    Kite Fantasy

Desktop stationery organizer Kite K22-214 is a great helper to organize the workplace for a pupil. Robust metal square-shaped container consists of 3 compartments with plastic edging. The entire set comes in Kite Fantasy design. Kid’s desktop stationery organizer includes:

1. Two graphite pencils, half hard. 3 mm lead draws smoothly, does not crumble and does not scrape paper. 175 mm long pencils are covered with color pictures. High quality coating prevents drying up and cracking. Pencils do not break during sharpening or from falling.

2. 15 cm ruler. Made of clear plastic with dividers readily visible. The ruler is heat resistant, resistant to mechanical damage and scratches.

3. 13 cm metal scissors with rounded tips are safe to work with and sufficiently sharp to cut paper, hard paper, fabric and threads. Scissors fit into a school pencil case.

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