Correction tape Kite Watermelon, 5mm * 6m

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    Correction tapes
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Kite K24-007-2 Watermelon correction tape will help to cleanly and quickly correct a mistake or typo on paper. It is easily and accurately applied. Perfectly masks unwanted smudges in printed and handwritten text. A significant advantage of the tape is that corrections can be made immediately after application: you do not have to wait for the correcting base to dry.

This is an indispensable tool for those who value precision and accuracy. The tape helps correct errors without disturbing the aesthetics of the document and ensures a clean result without stains and smears. With the Kite Correction Tape at hand, you'll feel confident and at ease knowing you can instantly and neatly correct a mistake at any time. Each page of the notebook will look flawless.

The case has a convenient compact size - it fits perfectly in a pencil case or desk organizer. The corrector is comfortable to hold in the hand, and the high-quality rolling mechanism ensures simple and accurate application.

A bright design in an interesting form will lift your mood and give you inspiration.


  • the width of the correction tape is 5 mm, the length is 6 m: the optimal format for everyday needs;
  • ergonomic plastic case with a protective cap;
  • instantly dries - you can immediately apply text over the tape;
  • allows you to cleanly spot correct errors, without stains and divorces;
  • original, bright and inspiring design of Watermelon in the shape of a bottle.

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