Compass+refill lead Kite Expert Pro K21-389, 170 mm

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    Compasses; cases of drawing instruments
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Kite Expert Pro K21-389 metal compass is a reliable school tool, which is indispensable during geometry, drawing, algebra, geography and other lessons. The child can easily draw a circle or an arc or measure the distance on the map with its help.

Kite Expert Pro compass is convenient and easy to work with because the radius can be set quickly and accurately. The legs are securely fixed due to a high-quality mechanism with a steel micrometer screw. Saturated lead makes smooth and clear lines, which can be corrected with a stationery eraser if necessary.

Useful and stylish transparent case is convenient for storing the compass and extra leads.

With a high-quality compass, the child will master school subjects with inspiration and without being distracted by the long time tool adjustment.


  • reliable - made of durable high-quality materials;
  • precise - the legs are firmly fixed with a steel micrometric screw;
  • aesthetic - stylish laconic design in metal color;
  • product size - 170 mm;
  • transparent plastic case for an easy storage;
  • comes with a capsule with an extra lead.

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