Coloring book cover Kite Cats&Dogs K22-310-01, А4+, PVC

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Coloring book cover Kite Cats&Dogs K22-310-01 with an adhesive layer for wrapping books, magazines and textbooks reliably protects the cover from moisture, scratches and dust. It is suitable for wrapping textbooks and home library: books are easy to dust and even disinfect. It will allow you to wrap a textbook or notebook even of a non-standard shape.

The cover is made of dense material (PVC). It will wrap a notebook or a book with high quality.

The cover is decorated with a funny print. It can be painted with bright pencils, felt-tip pens and liners. Or you can leave it as it is, in monochrome.

There is a field on the cover for writing a name so that all classmates and teachers will know that this most beautiful notebook is yours. The Kite stationary is reliable and modern.


  • PVC material (180 microns) - reliable and wear-resistant;
  • A4+ format - ideal for textbooks, notebooks, workbooks and magazines of similar size;
  • signature field - so that everyone will know who owns the most creative notebook;
  • cool design - effective modern patterns;
  • coloring cover - you can paint with pencils, liners, felt-tip pens.

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