Pencil case Kite Spaceship K22-621-6, 1 compartment, 1 fold

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Kite K22-621-6 pencil case with a bright design will help the child to be organized. It is a perfect model for the first graders aged 6-8 years old.

Everything you need is in one pencil case! During the lessons kids not only write but also paint, cut out and draw. This pencil case with an additional flap and internal organizer will fit the entire basic set of stationary for every day. Everything you need is always at hand which is really convenient.

It is easy to keep the pencil case tidy. Pens, pencils, scissors, eraser and sharpener will be on their places, neatly fixed with an elastic band.

Bright design of this pencil case matches perfectly with K22-555S-7 backpack and K22-601M-10 shoe bag. The capsule collection in a single design creates a wonderful school set that will cheer you up and motivate to enjoy school all year round.

The perfect European quality is a guarantee that you will be able to use the pencil case for a long time. Each detail of this pencil case is perfectly made. The print doesn't fade, retaining its original brightness for a long time. The inner PVC coating is easy to clean from dirt. Kite pencil cases are ready for a busy school schedule and perfectly cope with frequent openings and closings during each lesson.


  • 1 compartment with 1 flap to have everything you need at hand;
  • fixing elastic bands for stationery to keep the pencil case tidy;
  • fabric binding to protect the edges;
  • size: 20x14x3.7;
  • durable materials and secure fittings;
  • cardboard insert with a field for the schedule to always have it in front of your eyes;
  • outside material is a durable wear-resistant polyester;
  • PVC coating inside;
  • stylish design;
  • weight: 153 g.

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